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Terms & Conditions

We know Ts & Cs are not the most exciting things to read but they are here for the benefit and understanding of the Client and the DJ's at Vibe Events to ensure we all have a good event and leave with amazing memories. 

Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

  1. By sending a deposit to secure a booking, the Client agrees to the Terms and Conditions laid out by Vibe Events.

  2. Vibe Events are not able to take bookings at Clients place of residence.  Only licensed venues will be accepted and the Client should provide a venue at the time of booking to ensure there are no cancellations nearer the time.

  3. Any damage caused by guests to any DJ equipment at a Client's event will be chargeable to the Client.

  4. Any verbal or physical abuse to the DJ may result in the event stopping and/or being cancelled.  If physical abuse takes place, Vibe Events will notify the authorities and press charges.

  5. In the case of item 3, no refunds will be given.

  6. The DJ representing Vibe Events will do all they can to accommodate the Client at the event.  Any last minute changes may not be possible, especially if on the day/night so please ensure you communicate to Vibe Events any changes as soon as possible.

  7. At Vibe Events we have backup plans in place in case of equipment failure, however there may be rare cases where we cannot recover from such issues.  In the case of any drastic failure where the DJ cannot continue, we will review the case within 7 days and pro rata a refund based on the remaining time left of the occasion.

  8. If in the event the venue has a power cut or has to stop the event at any time, Vibe Events will unfortunately not be able to offer a refund. 

  9. If the Client advises on particular genres/songs that should not be played, Vibe Events will of course hold that agreement.  If any guests request the declined genres/songs, Vibe Events will politely advise the guests that this is not on the playlist for the occasion.  Any continued requests from the guests, will be directed to the Client for resolution.

  10. Clients are happy to receive an email after the event requesting feedback of the DJ and the Vibe Events company.  Clients that are not 100% satisfied should alert the DJ or Vibe Events immediately so we can do all we can to rectify any issues that arise.

  11. Vibe Events has the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any given time.  Clients should regularly check this page for updates.

  12. If an estimate is provided instead of a quote, then this estimate is subject to change and should not be seen as a secured agreement until an official quote has been sent out by Vibe Events.  Any deposit sent to Vibe Events based off an estimate may not be refunded if within 60 days of the event and the client disagrees with any changes to this estimate or a final quote.

  13. Vibe Events is allowed to take photographs and video footage of your event and can post this content on the website and other social media platforms for promotion purposes only.  Images including children will not be used without express permission of the parent via the Client.

  14. Clients must pay a deposit via Bank Transfer to secure the booking.  Vibe Events has the right to book other events on a reserved date if the Client of the first date has not paid the deposit.

  15. Clients must pay the final balance prior to 7day before the event.  This is to avoid non-payment on the occasion and to allow the Client to know they can enjoy the occasion without having to worry about when to pay the DJ.  Clients will be given a "Balance Due" date via their personal page on the website.  If the balance is not paid by this time, Vibe Events will notify the Client by email advising that they need to pay the balance immediately.  In the event the occasion date arrives and payment has not been paid, Vibe Events reserves the right to not attend.  In this case, no refund of deposit will be given.

  16. In the event that the occasion is cancelled by the Government due to COVID-19, Vibe Events will offer a reschedule of the Event or a full refund.

  17. Any Client cancellation over 60 days from the Event will receive a full refund.  Details of this are listed on the quote issued to the Client.

  18. Any Client cancellation under 60 days from the Event will receive a refund less the deposit.  Details of this are listed on the quote issued to the Client.

  19. If a Vibe Events DJ is not able to make the event in such cases as Covid or due to an incident such as immobilization, Vibe Events may sub-contract to another DJ to carry out the event.  Vibe Events will do all they can to ensure the DJ is suitable for the event booked and will notify the Client of the change to the booking prior to the event.

  20. If a Client asks the DJ to play for further hours, the charge is £50 per hour or part thereof.  Payment must be paid in cash prior to the additional hours being played.

  21. Discounts can be added and removed as required by Vibe Events.  Any discounts or offers added to a Clients booking will remain in place if a discount is removed from the website.  Discounts cannot be transferred to another booking or be redeemable as cash. 


Good Times.  Amazing Memories.

Club/Mobile DJ

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